Omega Natural Polarity Pvt Ltd (ONP) formed to serve the planet with green and carbon free energy has been delivering and procuring products for the business need. Below are the standard terms and conditions that our vendors and clients accept by doing business with.

ONP Was built on the basis of good ethics to encourage business relationship to our suppliers and clients. In no form we intend to mislead or misrepresent any of our clients or vendors credit.

Please refer to the below terms & conditions becomes effective as our standard company policy when client or vendor or supplier does commercial & non-commercial transactions with ONP and the below policy, terms & conditions over rides all other polices, terms & conditions of client/vendor/oem/supplier, unless until specified and agreed on a separate agreed contract.

  1. ONP offers 1 year standard warranty unless until specified in Proposal / PO documents. Depending on the location of the supplied material and installed material, ONP reserves the right to change the warranty terms without any prior notice.
  2. ONP reserves the right to use the logo’s , names and other information of people, companies we deal with either commercial or non-commercial factors.
  3. If the concerned people or companies has obligation on the point no.1 & point no.2, we request them to contact us and explain the concern and we assure that we will take all necessary measures to address the same.
  4. Solar products are like any other products meant to be used as per the supported capacity, we request our clients to understand the basics of our products and services and use our products gentle and not to overload and mis-handle the same.
  5. We would like to re-iterate that our product and services are as per the scope of specified in our proposals, we are not responsible for any associated factors outside our services unless until specified in our proposal.
  6. Once a client has placed an order or released payment for ONP product or services, the same cannot be canceled and ONP reserves the 1st right on the decision, also ONP reserves to claim any loss and additional expenses related to the order and payments.
  7. Renewable energy products based on natural resources are subject to perform based on natural resources availability, ONP has no control on any of the natural resources.
  8. OffGrid products based on battery backup may give different results based on various situations and brands of battery and various types of load and various locations of climate conditions. We don’t guarantee any equal performance for the same.
  9. ONP head office is in Mumbai and reserves the rights of Mumbai jurisdiction for any legal activities at any conditions.