1mw & 2mw

Omega Natural Polarity Pvt. Ltd. Has installed and commissioned a 2 MW power plant for captive consumption in 2014 using the modules manufactured by Solar World. This is one of Maharashtra’s largest captive consumption solar power plant built on 9 acres of land with the natural landscape of the site preserved, which continues to attract locals and visitors. The project was completed in a record time of 10 months and made operational in 2 phases – 1 MW and 1 MW, commissioned in 2014.


Omega Natural Polarity Pvt. Ltd. plans to produce 5 MW of power, each from biomass and floating solar power plants in the Laguna region of the Philippines, with an investment of Rs. 200 crore. ONP is exploring various options in this regard.


Omega Natural Polarity Pvt. Ltd. Has successfully completed a 10 MW solar power plant commissioned in Philippines, located 230 km from Manila. Executed in a record timeframe of 6 months from the day the land was made available in December 2015, through this project Omega Natural Polarity demonstrated leadership in high efficiency solar power systems and built one of Philippines largest solar power plant till date. The project resonates of the ingenious design and an engineering team that managed to complete this project in record time by providing a flawless execution and accounted for challenges for a formidable project of this size.


For Omega Natural Polarity, decades of experience in the capable hands of its exemplary team is reflected in the whopping 12MW solar power plant for an Orchid plantation in Thailand, in January 2014. A project of this proportion is an achievement in itself and is most noteworthy for its impeccable record completion in a short span of 11 months. The 12MW power plant stands testimony to Omega Natural Polarity as a leading solar solution provider that continues to bank on smart design timely execution and above all creating superior value for all of their customers


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