DonBosco, Yerwada saves 40 Tonnes of Carbon emission through Solar power

December 5th, 2017, 3PM we switched ON to clean energy generation using solar electrification, solar plant size is 31KW (kilowatt). Solar plant will power our fans, AC’s, lights, water pumps and computers. This solar plant is based on GridTie technology and it has no batteries.

For a common man this plant capacity can light up 31 homes each 1KW. Plant consist of 96 units high standard Tier-1 international brand solar photovoltaic panels coupled along with 25KW World number 1 GridTie Solar inverter brand, plant is designed, delivered and installed by ONP Solar.

We used best of technology and brand from ONP Solar, our aim was to use best and forget rest low quality products, for a simple reason that we need to secure value for money in short-term and long-term.

With the help of the solar plant we will be savings Rs.40,000 on a clear sunny month and Rs.32,000 per month on an average, on regular months. Our current cost of electricity per unit is Rs.10 and we assume the cost of electricity may go up in coming years thus we will be enjoying greater savings for next 25+ years.

“Most important we will be saving 40 Tonnes of Carbon emission, year on year”

The students of our institution will get to see live solar plant any day and learn the benefits of going green and clean. The whole idea of installing solar cells was to teach the concept of sustainable development to our students, which would in turn reduce the forms of pollution in the environment. “Children have tender minds, if we teach them good they will do good to the society and it all starts from the place they get educated.

We have applied for net-metering facility, this will help us to export excess power generated during weekends and holidays, to MSEB Grid. Through this process our clean energy generation will add great value and avoid wastage of clean energy. We also get off-set in our monthly energy bills for the units generated and delivered back to MSEB through solar power.

We feel pride in adopting solar says Fr. Francis Fernandes & Fr.Bosco D’mello with a great smile standing along-side newly installed solar plant. We are all the more happy to put our empty roof or best use.